Announcing Our Pre-seed with Drive Capital

We're coming out of stealth to announce our raise with Drive Capital. Drive's $500k investment will accelerate the development of our platform for managing chronic illnesses.
10 Jan 2023
3 min read

Note - this press release uses our old name, JupiterDX. We do all current business with our new name, Pathize Health.

Chicago, IL - JupiterDX, co-founded by Alex Bahram and Mason Secky-Koebel, raised a $500,000 pre-seed round with Drive Capital, a leading venture capital firm based in the Midwest. JupiterDX is a health data and analytics platform that allows patients suffering from chronic illnesses like Long COVID to better manage their condition(s).  It is estimated that Long COVID has impacted 23 million Americans and may cost the U.S. economy
$3.7 trillion.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Drive as we continue to build and scale our product offering. Drive Capital’s deep expertise in healthcare and technology will be invaluable in our pursuit to improve the lives of our users,” said Alex Bahram, JupiterDX’s CEO. “With the emergence of Long COVID, the need for a new way to analyze health data is clearer than ever. JupiterDX has what it takes to change lives, and we are eager to work with Alex, Mason, and the rest of the JupiterDX team,” said Landon Campbell, Chicago GM of Drive

With Jupiter, patients can consolidate and track all their health data, from symptom tracking to wearable information. As data is collected, Jupiter is able to provide feedback on how to best optimize a user's health. Jupiter’s CTO, Mason Secky-Koebel, added, “Due to recent pushes for common standards, the ability for different data sources to communicate with one another is improving. In treating chronic illnesses with varying symptoms and treatments, bringing in all relevant data to drive decisions is vital.”

About JupiterDX

JupiterDX is a health data aggregation and analytics platform that helps patients with chronic illnesses manage their care and data. The company helps patients suffering from Long COVID and other chronic illnesses utilize all data to make informed decisions about their care. For both providers and patients, JupiterDX helps provide a holistic view of a patient’s health. JupiterDX’s initial offerings will help patients with Long COVID, ME/CFS, POTS, and other post-viral illnesses. Features such as crash management, energy tracking, and heart rate monitoring will be featured in the app, launching in March 2023.

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