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The co-pilot for your chronic illness.

Monitor your energy, track symptoms, and receive tailored insights on managing energy-limiting illnesses. By integrating wearables like Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and Polar, we're building the most complete platform for Long Covid, ME/CFS, and POTS.

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A platform tailor made for Long COVID, ME/CFS, & POTS

It's estimated that 7.5% of US citizens have some kind of post-COVID condition. Long COVID has caused an estimated $386 billion dollars in economic loss.

We're currently developing our app. Here are some of the things you can expect to see:

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Track your symptoms, and take detailed daily notes

Pathize let's you track any symptom, or occurrence of your condition, that you see fit. Take daily notes that you can go back to later.

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Correlate your health data

Pathize integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and hundreds of other wearables. Our app lets you compare your symptoms, and crashes, to your real-time health data.

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Monitor your energy with pace guidance

When it comes to managing Long COVID, pacing yourself is key. Pathize automatically notifies you if you're over-exerting yourself, and lets you set daily limits.

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Track medications and supplements

Track the medications and supplements that you're currently taking. Correlate medications and treatments with your symptoms to find out what's working.

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Total data security

Health data is incredibly sensitive. We use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure the data you share with us stays safe.

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...and so much more

We're is just getting started. Our roadmap includes integrating health records, navigating providers and specialists, and connecting with other long-haulers, all from inside our app.

Hear from people using Pathize

Pathize is already helping people with energy-limited illnesses understand and monitor themselves.

"I am loving Pathize because it provides me with a data point for budgeting my energy while I’m sick with Long COVID/ME/CFS. It provides me with feedback about my activities and helps me avoid the dreaded ‘crashes’."

- Diane

"I'm super excited for the vision and where this app is looking like it is going. Currently a front runner of new tools focusing on chronic conditions. I recommend you check them out and follow along."

- John

"It has given me more insight on how many hours I’ve been above my baseline heart rate and that seemed to correlate with my crashes that follow. Excellent app that will be adding more features to help those that suffer with ME/CFS & POTS."

- Sujana

"As someone with POTS and Long COVID, I must monitor how much I exert myself during daily activities. Pathize has been a critical tool in helping me see how long and how often I exceed my daily recommended heart rate limit. It’s become especially beneficial now that I’ve found my heart rate limit in PT and can calibrate the program to fit my personal limit."

- Lindsay

"It's an app that is made for people with chronic illnesses such as POTS. The notifications for heart rate are much nicer than the Apple Watch ones."

- Angela

"I believe Pathize can play a vital role in addressing patients’ unique health needs, streamlining care, and ultimately helping users reclaim a higher quality of life."

- Elise

Learn your limits

Learn and set your limits

When it comes to managing illnesses like Long COVID and ME/CFS, learning your energy limits is key. Pathize helps you find and set your limits to help avoid crashes, and making your symptoms worse.


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Meet the team

Alex Bahram

Co-founder, CEO

After being diagnosed with POTS at 16, Alex knew he wanted to work in healthcare. Alex was the sixth employee at SummerBio, a high throughput COVID testing startup. While there, he helped manage their hardware supply chain and helped the company grow to over 100 employees and the largest COVID tester in California. He attended Northwestern with a focus on Economics.

Mason Secky-Koebel

Co-founder, CTO

Mason was the first intern, and the fourth engineering hire at Flexpa, recently named one of the US's most promising health startups by Bloomberg. Before Flexpa, he was the first software engineer at Brinc Drones, where he led web development. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern.

Jesse Crabtree

Strategy and Operations

Jesse led the Strategy & Analytics department at MomentFeed (acquired by Uberall). Previously, he was a management consultant at Deloitte, where he focused on healthcare, pharmaceutical, and technology clients. Jesse graduated with degrees in Biology and Economics from Claremont McKenna. He is currently an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management.

Andrew Arruda


Andrew is a serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO/Co-founder of Flexpa. Andrew speaks internationally on the subjects of startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Wired, CNBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch, The Washington Post, and The Financial Times. Andrew is a former Ted speaker and member of the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 class.

...and, our patient advocates

Dr. Sujana Reddy

IM resident physician, East Alabama Health

Dr. Sujana Reddy is an Internal Medicine Resident Physician at East Alabama Health. She obtained her D.O. from the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2021 and holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Psychology from Birmingham-Southern College. Dr. Reddy is dedicated to assisting individuals with chronic illnesses, as she is a Long Covid survivor, and combats POTS and ME/CFS.

Lex Oiler

Founder, PeachyPatients

Lex is a founder, product designer, and patient advocate focused on financial education and empowerment. As someone who’s dealt with her own chronic conditions for over 15 years, including a multi-year struggle with Long Covid, She is excited to work with Pathize to develop solutions to make managing health easier, more accurate, and less time intensive for patients like her.

Elise Racine

Doctoral candidate, University of Oxford

Elise is pursuing her doctorate in Population Health at the University of Oxford. She has obtained an HPA from the Hertie School, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a BA from Stanford University. Her research focuses on the health benefits that can be derived from the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

Angela Tucker

Business Adviser, Awareness for POTSies

Angela has a BS in Business Management and a MS in Technology Management. She's been diagnosed with various medical conditions, including EDS, MCAS, Small Fiber Neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vascular Compressions, and Gastrointestinal Motility Issues. However, Angela has managed to regulate her symptoms and decided to share her story on social media to advocate for others who are going through the same struggles.

Daniel Lewis

Seasoned healthcare professional, father of 3

Daniel, a senior data analyst for GDIT contracted by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, has been experiencing long COVID symptoms since July 2022. Lewis previously worked for GEICO and Gartner and holds an MS in Organizational Behavior from UNC Chapel Hill and a BA in Government from Cornell University. He resides in the DC area.

Julia Watson

EMT, clinical researcher

Julia has a masters in Biology, and has spent the last two years in clinical research. She grew up splitting time between Arizona and Alabama. She was living in Raleigh when Long COVID seriously disrupting her life, forcing her to move back in with her parents for financial reasons. These hardships have only further motivated her to help advance research for Long COVID, and help in any way she can.

John Graham

Father of 3, long-time healthcare professional

John is 58-year-old father of 3 adult children and a husband of almost 35 years. He has over 30 years of experience across biotech, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Prior to Long COVID, John was an avid mountain biker, hiker, and car nut. John has thankfully improved and believes it is important to give back to the community as much as possible.

Neha K.

Medical resident, long-time chronic illness patient

Neha was working as a medical intern at the busiest hospital in Dubai when she came down with the flu. That flu triggered the onset of debilitating ME/CFS. In her collaboration with Pathize, Neha hopes to contribute by using her wealth of experience as a recent medical resident, and having been living with a chronic illness for well over ten years.

A message from the founders

For Alex, healthcare was always personal. From experiences as a patient, to a care provider in physical therapy, to working at a leading COVID testing startup, Alex has seen firsthand both the good and the bad of the healthcare system. While studying economics at Northwestern, he found a passion for exploring the complexities of chronic care management. With Jupiter, Alex's goal is simple; leverage technology to advance the way we observe, analyze, and treat patients with chronic illnesses.

Mason, co-founder and CTO (left), has extensive software development experience and a background in developing healthcare technologies. He was the first intern, and the third engineering hire at Flexpa, recently named one of the US's most promising health startups. Before Flexpa, he was the first software engineer at Brinc Drones where he lead their web development. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University. At Jupiter, he hopes to build tools that make tangible impacts on those who struggle to manage their health.

two men in nice clothes leaning against a railing that oversees a workshop

Our team

Our co-founders have built and shipped health products in the past.

Mason Secky-Koebel

Mason was the first intern, and the third engineering hire at Flexpa, recently named one of the US's most promising health startups. Before Flexpa, he was the first software engineer at Brinc. He has a CS degree from Northwestern.

Mason Secky-Koebel

Mason was the first intern, and the third engineering hire at Flexpa, recently named one of the US's most promising health startups. Before Flexpa, he was the first software engineer at Brinc. He has a CS degree from Northwestern.

Mason Secky-Koebel

Mason was the first intern, and the third engineering hire at Flexpa, recently named one of the US's most promising health startups. Before Flexpa, he was the first software engineer at Brinc. He has a CS degree from Northwestern.


Some common questions that we get.

For other inquiries, you can reach us at our contact page:

Who is Pathize for?

Pathize is meant for anyone who is struggling with managing energy-limiting chronic illnesses, like Long COVID, ME/CFS, and POTS. Features such as crash management, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring will be front and center.

Where can I access Pathize?

We're building Pathize as fast as we can. We've already began testing an early version of the app, which you can access by signing up for our waitlist here. Our goal is to continue to build Pathize, and test with as many patients as possible, and make it publicly available some time this year.

How can I stay notified of new features?

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The co-pilot for your chronic illness

Pathize is the complete chronic care platform. Integrate hundreds of wearables, record your symptoms, and find patterns.

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